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Natural Alkaline Water for Haiti

(Join our efforts to supply clean water for the projects and to those who do not have access to clean water).
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Access to clean, fresh water is a main concern in Haiti, where waterborne illnesses, such as typhoid, cholera, and chronic diarrhea, are the cause of more than half of the deaths in the country every year. Contaminated water is also one of the leading causes of childhood illness and the very high infant death rate in Haiti (57 for every 1000 births) .

GreenLife Alkaline Water, LLC has collaborated with ZAGFOS Organization to provide clean, alkaline water to for the Women’s Farming Project, The SEEP Program, and by implementing a water filtration system that will alkalize the water in the community to decrease the use of individual water bottles, which is hazardous to the community. Purchase water and/or Donate to support this cause: